Wyampa Heat Treatment


Aluminium Heat Treating

1400 Diameter x 1300 Deep

The application of the term heat treatable to aluminum alloys, both wrought and cast, is restricted to the specific operations employed to increase strength and hardness by precipitation hardening thus the term heat treatable serves to distinguish the heat treatable alloys from those alloys in which no significant strength improvement can be achieved by heating and cooling. The non-heat treatable alloys depend primarily on cold work to increase strength.


This is applicable to the heat treatable alloys and involves a heat treatment process whereby the alloying constituents are taken into solution and retained by rapid quenching. Subsequent heat treatment at tower temperatures i.e. ageing or natural ageing at room temperature allows for a controlled precipitation of the constituents thereby achieving increased hardness and strength.

Time at temperature for solution treatment depends on the type of alloy and the furnace load. Sufficient time must be allowed to take the alloys into solution if optimum properties are to be obtained.